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The Role of Texting in Automobile Accidents

Car Accidents and Texting

A growing number of car wrecks are being caused by driver inattention due to smartphones. The explosion in cell phone use and in particularly email communications and text messages from a cell phone has led to an increase in car accidents attributable to cell phone use.

Many different studies have shown the dangers of texting while driving or of checking an email. Taking your eyes off the road to check or send a message at highway speeds can lead to a blind spot that can easily be a football field. That margin of safety is often the difference between avoiding an accident and causing one.

States and municipalities have taken on the problem in a piecemeal approach which is better than nothing. The Texas legislature had an opportunity to outlaw text messaging while driving for all drivers but the bill was vetoed by the Texas governor.

Commercial truck drivers who are covered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are one group that has a clear mandate not to text and drive. Unfortunately, many states like Texas, have failed to address the rapidly growing problem of distracted driving. 15 years ago the problem was not anywhere close to what it is today.

Additionally, given the increase in speeds for access to the Internet and such things as email and video, distracted driving is projected to increase with cell phone use. There are in his face and it’s that have proposed uniform anti-distracted driving laws but implementation has proven problematic in a number of states.

There is a question whether or not texting and driving and causing an accident could lead to you a punitive damage award in the state of Texas. In some states, persons have been sent to prison for texting while driving and causing a fatal accident. Aside from the liability factors, texting is clearly a dangerous endeavor and teens are especially susceptible to a car wreck.

Join the group ” IT CAN WAIT” and put down your cell phone and tell you arrive at your destination. Better to arrive safely and deal with your communication than take the chance of an accident.

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